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Free vs Paid Load Boards


Free Load Board -

Companies like Trulos Transportation,, offer free load boards for users. The biggest benefit is that they are free and usually have loads posted on them from sources that you don't find in paid load boards. They are a great resource for drivers and trucking companies who need to find freight and may not have access to a paid load board. It is also a good starting place for new trucking companies that want to see what freight is available.

Trulos Transportation is our favorite service because there is no sign up to view loads. Simply go to the page and you get to see the loads and find the call the number. Most of the others make you sign up to view the freight.

Do paid load boards have better Freight - Not necessarily. They may have more freight but the cost of freight is determined by the carriers, origin and destination. Our experience is that the free load board have both high and low paying loads available but the paid load boards just have more freight available. Both types of load board service are good ways to get your truck moving.

Paid Load Boards - DAT Network

3Sixty Express and TruckersEdge

This is probably the best service that we have seen if you are going to pay for a load board. they are the original load board that started out in truck stops advertising before the internet was popular. They still have the terminals in the truckstops and they probably have the most loads available. They have very goo tools to search and monitor when loads become available. For brokers they have some great tools for managing the carrier base and let you track carriers in the system.

3sixty Express is the premiere freight matching service for mid-size fleets and brokers. This service gives brokers and fleets access to available trucks and loads (from the DAT network of over 50 million trucks and loads a year) with extended functionality and business tools including both carrier and broker functionality with unlimited truck and load posted and searching, Hot States, Voice (phone-in posting & searching), DAT Assurance payment guarantee, and CarrierWatch® (DAT carrier compliance monitoring for automated email notifications).

Find high-paying freight and safe, reliable trucks on DAT® Network, with the biggest and best trucking load boards based on 60 million truckloads and trucks per year.

  • More trucks and loads, TL and LTL, for vans, reefers and flatbeds.
  • Continuous updates, so posts are fresh and relevant.
  • Powerful tools to validate rates, routes and business partners
  • NEW! 3sixty Load Boards are mobile

One of the best tools this service offers is rate index. It is based on historical data and allows you to look up rates for quoting customers or helping carriers and brokers negotiate rates.